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How to prevent problems

If you are planning to have your uPVC windows, doors, or garage spray painted, there are some essential questions you should ask the company beforehand. By doing so, you could save yourself money and avoid issues in the future. Here is a list of vital questions to ask:
1. Is the company a limited company or a sole trader? Please check with Companies House to confirm if the company is registered.
2. Does the company have business insurance to protect your property against damage?
3. Ask how the UPVC is prepared before painting. Refer to the project's details to ensure that the surface is adequately prepared before painting.
4. Enquire about the type of paint that will be used. Conduct research on the paint that will be used in your own time. Some paints only provide a surface coat that will eventually peel off, while others bond at a molecular level, which prevents peeling.
5. Is the work guaranteed? If so, obtain a guarantee outlining what is covered.
6. Will the sealant be removed and replaced with matching color sealant?
7. Will they spray where the window meets the frame, so that you don't have a white line on your frame when the window is open?

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