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Save up to 75% by spraying instead of replacing


Our team of expert front door painters can restore, spray, and completely transform the appearance of any door for a fraction of the replacement cost. We're confident that our services will save you money and provide you with a door that looks as good as new.


So why replace your door when you can have it spray-painted? Our "UPVC door spraying near me" and "Composite door spraying near me" services are available throughout Yorkshire, covering Sheffield, Barnsley, Rotherham, Doncaster, and the surrounding areas. Contact us now to give your door the makeover it deserves.

composite red door


UPVC spraying has been a  popular method used over the last few years to renovate and transform properties in the UK.

Having frames and doors spray painted is a cost-effective alternative to replacements.

UPVC door spraying is one of our popular services. Many of our customers have chosen Anthracite Grey RAL 7016 to spray their doors, to match their new windows.

Composite grey door


The British weather highlights the impact of everyday wear and British weather on front and exterior doors and suggests a cost-effective alternative:

  1. Weathering Effects: It acknowledges that daily use and the often unpredictable British weather can cause exterior doors to become faded, discoloured, and show signs of wear, including scratches, dents, and chipped paintwork.

  2. Aesthetic and Impression: The condition of the front door can significantly influence the overall impression of a property. A well-maintained, aesthetically pleasing door can enhance a property's curb appeal.

  3. Cost Consideration: Replacing doors is recognized as a potentially costly and often unnecessary expense, especially when the existing door can be restored or improved.

  4. Longevity and Looks: The passage suggests that UPVC spray painting offers a solution that combines longevity and aesthetics, providing a means to extend the life of the door while enhancing its appearance.

upvc grey double doors


Spray painting a door can offer several benefits compared to other painting methods like brush or roller application. Here are six advantages of spray painting a door:


Smooth, Even Finish: Spray painting provides a uniform and smooth finish on the door's surface. It's ideal for achieving a flawless, professional look without visible brush marks or roller stippling.


Time Efficiency: Spray painting is typically faster than brushing or rolling, making it a time-efficient option for painting doors, especially if you have multiple doors to paint.


Door staining is a great service, but it’s not one that everyone can afford. For people that want that specific pristine finish, this can seem like bad news. Luckily, a professional UPVC spray painting service can provide the same finish as a stained door, at a fraction of the price.

Aesthetics don’t have to come at a steep cost. That doesn’t mean that stained doors aren’t great, but spray painted doors have more practical benefits and we guarantee the paintwork for 10 years.


Spray painting can reach into tight corners and edges, providing full and even coverage, which can be challenging to achieve with a brush or roller.


Not only does a spray painting service make your doors look better, it treats them too. Since UPVC doors tend to face the outdoors, this is crucial. Otherwise, your doors are a lot more susceptible to environmental damage.

From intense UV rays, heavy winds, and even pests — your door constantly faces plenty of outdoor threats. If you don’t want these threats shortening your lifespan, invest in spray painting.

Instead of prematurely swapping out your doors because of damage, you can prevent damage in the first place. Doing so can keep your wallet and your property relatively unscathed.


Reduced Drying Time: Due to the thin and even application of paint, spray-painted doors tend to dry faster than those painted with a brush or roller. This can reduce the risk of dust or debris sticking to the wet paint surface during the drying process.

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