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The modern look

All of our clients are entitled to receive a free on-site quote. Once a quote and date have been agreed upon, our team of professional site sprayers will attend and begin the uPVC spray painting process. Here are the steps we follow:


1. We clean all uPVC windows and doors to remove surface dirt and contaminants.

2. We remove all sealant around the windows and replace it with colour-matching weatherproof sealant after spray painting if the client requests.

3. We mask all windows and doors to protect walls and surfaces that do not require painting.

4. We apply a special solution to remove water-soluble contaminants and most oils.

5. The surface is further cleaned with Windowprep to remove any remaining contaminants.

6. We lightly abrade the surface to remove any surface debris.

7. Our team professionally spray paints the Windows and Doors using only the best silicone-based uPVC paint. This paint bonds at a molecular level with the uPVC, preventing peeling and extreme weathering, which allows us to guarantee our work for ten years.

8. we apply colour-matching weatherproof sealant to all windows if the client requests.

9. We include new chrome door handles for conservatories and external doors at the client's request.


Once we have finished, we remove all the masking and thoroughly clean the area for your inspection. We will leave the site only after you are delighted with the results.

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