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Respraying uPVC Windows

Respraying uPVC Windows Anyone who has a home that contains uPVC windows knows that they can become discoloured and faded over time. As time goes on, they can start to crack and peel and you start to feel that the only alternative is to replace them, even though mechanically they work fine. Well now people are Respraying uPVC Windows, because people have found a different way to deal with uPVC windows that that have yellowed or faded in colour. Replacing them is an option but that will cost you a lot of money but your house will have a new fresh look. Respraying uPVC Windowsis possible, giving them a new colour and lustre that you’d expect to see on brand new windows. Is Respraying uPVC Windows a simple task that you should undertake, or hire a professional team such as UPVC Kolortech Ltd, who have done it many times before. Spray Painting uPVC windows is not a simple straight forward project, and our advice would be to seek the skills of UPVC Kolortech Ltd that have the experience and skills required. Spray painters for uPVC Kolortech Ltd will be able to take care of the preparation process and also ensure your windows have a smooth and perfect finish. It’s well worth considering the professional option, such as UPVC Kolortech Ltd.


You have that option too. As long as you’re able to put in the work that is required and buy all the necessary equipment and specialist paint. Your first task is to make sure the surface is free of detritus and dust. Over the years, you will notice that your window frames would have gradually become dull and dirty. If you want to make sure that you have the best results with Respraying uPVC Windows they have to be spotless. There is no point in cutting corners here. Specialist uPVC paint has to be able to adhere to the surface, the cleaner it is, the better. First of all, clean the UPVC with a sponge and soapy water. Then, make sure you thoroughly clean the uPVC to get into every corner that needs painting. Make sure you get this process spot on. Spend time on this part, and make sure that the dried surface is completely free of dirt and dust. If the surface has been discoloured due to algae, this must be removed completely before any work is performed. Seek professional help if you are unable to remove something from the surface. Once the cleaning has happened, you then you can start the process of sanding down the surface ready for uPVC painting. Be extremely careful with this as you do not want to sand the surface too hard to ruin the uPVC. This process is required to allow the paint to bond with the uPVC. Be as gentle as you can, all you need is a surface that will allow the paint to adhere to it. This generally means a very fine piece of sandpaper or scotch pad. If you are at the stage where you are choosing paint, speak to professionals, such as uPVC Kolortech Ltd and tell them you are respraying uPVC windows. Then they will be able to advise you on the best paint for the job. They will advise you on the correct uPVC paint to use for the best results. Not using the correct uPVC paint will result in a patchy and uneven finish, which will eventually start to peel. Ultimately you would need to call in a professional to correct your error resulting in further costs to you. The paint is a special compound that bonds at a molecular level with the uPVC. A standard exterior paint will not result in the perfect finish. Use masking tape to seal off the area, and make sure any surface you do not want painted is masked with no gaps. Most professionals do at least two coats of uPVC paint. One coat will not be enough even if it looks fine. Certain paints also need thinning for spray painting, so make sure you get the correct uPVC paint to thinning ratio as directed by the manufacturer. Respraying uPVC Windows can be difficult if you’re not confident and this is why UPVC Kolortech Ltd are professional spray painters, allowing you to stand back and see a beautiful new set of windows gracing your property.

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